Today is my 25th birthday. My girlfriend of 9 years wrote this for me.

Today is your day, the big TWENTY FIVE
To you it seems longer than you’ve been alive
Sometimes you say that you’ve not done enough
And to hear that come from you is a little rough
While right now you may not be ‘raking in dough’
There are other things your hard work has to show
For example our relationship is going quite strong
As far as I can tell we’ve been getting along 😉
Mama Gypsy continues to impress and get shows
With each late night practice her skill level grows
Lastly The Lost Boys shot for two days straight
Yesterday we helped and stayed out quite late
As for you you’ve grown so much since we met
The days of ‘the green van’ and playing clarinet
And even though tonight you’ve got something to do
I’ll wish you a Happy Birthday and leave this poem for you

This is the greatest thing I’ve ever received for my birthday.