How to Be Cool at a Pool Party: Men’s edition

My girlfriend just recently sent me this Wiki-How on “How To Be Cool at a Pool Party”

I didn’t feel it applied to me or any of my male friends…in fact it most definitely was written for a woman…despite it not really saying so.

So, I’ve decided to write a step by step guide on How to Be Cool at a Pool Party: Men’s edition

1. Put on a bathing suit. Any is fine, who cares, you’ll be in the water the whole time.

2. Bring the only essential. Beer.

3. Figure out what to wear. See step 1

4. Go there. You’re a man, you’ll figure out how to get there.

5. Get there. Oh, you’re an hour late? for what? The pool? its right there.

6. Cannonball. What a badass.