Listen To This Band Dammit – Stereo Reform

Man, I don’t update this blog very often. Well, anyhow, I saw this amazing three piece last Friday. Stereo Reform is re-inventing the funk genre through savy electronic elements. I dig it.



Listen to this Band Dammit! – Cicada Rhythm

Out of the box late last year, Cicada Rhythm has made some serious headway over the last couple of months. Everywhere they go they capture audiences with their silky harmonies and romantic lyrics tied up into a folksy duet.

Their genuine approach to music let us glimpse into the passion a musician has for their craft. Its hard not to notice something going on, on the stage that you aren’t privy too.

Only my second time seeing them, they were a fitting opener for 99x’s Unplugged In The Park on July 15th.

Listen To This Band Dammit – Baby Baby

By now Atlanta surely has heard of the up and coming party band Baby Baby. After their cover feature on Performer magazine over the past year and a half the band has been on a steady rise and constantly on my own radar.

What I dig about this band is that they just don’t give a shit. They do things their way. For instance, the video below is hilarious. Its not just a music video, but a well shot representation of the band’s personality.

Check it: