Listen To This Band Dammit – Stereo Reform

Man, I don’t update this blog very often. Well, anyhow, I saw this amazing three piece last Friday. Stereo Reform is re-inventing the funk genre through savy electronic elements. I dig it.



Listen to this Band Dammit! – Cicada Rhythm

Out of the box late last year, Cicada Rhythm has made some serious headway over the last couple of months. Everywhere they go they capture audiences with their silky harmonies and romantic lyrics tied up into a folksy duet.

Their genuine approach to music let us glimpse into the passion a musician has for their craft. Its hard not to notice something going on, on the stage that you aren’t privy too.

Only my second time seeing them, they were a fitting opener for 99x’s Unplugged In The Park on July 15th.

Listen To This Band Dammit – Baby Baby

By now Atlanta surely has heard of the up and coming party band Baby Baby. After their cover feature on Performer magazine over the past year and a half the band has been on a steady rise and constantly on my own radar.

What I dig about this band is that they just don’t give a shit. They do things their way. For instance, the video below is hilarious. Its not just a music video, but a well shot representation of the band’s personality.

Check it:

Basement Bands: Brandon Brains, B.Done, DII

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while…

I work sound at a venue called The Music Room, a small room in the basement of a previously opened pizzeria. The venue frequently has free shows and is often a landing pad for bands new to the Atlanta music scene. Often overlooked, many of these bands are quite good.

A few such acts, of the hip hop variety, stopped by June 17th. Armed to the teeth with wit and charm these guys were a blast to hang out with. The first date of their, ironically named, Hollow Grammar Tour these guys arrived with a brand of hip hop that Atlanta desperately lacks. With quick wit and intelligent lyrics, they’re definitely worth a listen.



Brandon Brains

An Amazing Amount of Perseverance

Tour Poster

I have a story for you all…

So I work at a management company called Hubbub and that management company is home to artists Bess Rogers and Rachel Platten. Rachel, a recent addition to Hubbub’s roster, met up with Bess Rogers and it was decided touring was in order. Well, they made their voyage down the east coast toward Atlanta Georgia where they were slotted to play the summer concert series Unplugged In The Park. It was a Hubbub night with JK & The Lost Boys, another Hubbub band, opening. An amazing three sets and plenty of food and beer later the group packed their gear up and headed to their hotel, the Artmore.

Now it’s important to note that the Artmore is a highly rated hotel, with great rooms, bar, service, and (most importantly) underground valet parking.

Unless you have a large van, then they roll your vehicle to the un-gated lot in the back, in midtown Atlanta…. with no guard…. and one security camera.

I think you know what I’m getting at.

A keyboard, drum-set, multiple microphones, a glockenspiel, various cords, all their merch, and, of course, the radio: all stolen.

Now there are ways of tracking this stuff down and you’ll all be glad to know that the cops are on it (we hope) but that’s not what I want to talk about.

I want to tell you all the story of how a group of musicians, 500 miles from home with half a tour left, did not allow a simple thing like theft stop them from rocking their fans.

With a day of whirly ball planned (google it if you’re not sure) it was hard to imagine seeing the musical troupe flying around in bumper cars having a good time, not to mention they had a Stage-it concert that evening they had to rock. We half expected them to want to cancel the whole day.

Arriving with an arsenal of tongue-in-cheek, “too-soon” type jokes; Bess, Rachel, Craig, and Martin did not let misfortune stop them from enjoying each other’s company. They took a crushing event and turned it into a moment in their lives that they could remember, passing around quips about the criminals true intention behind the crime. Like…

Secretly being fans that just wanted to own every Bess and Rachel shirt/CD possible (except of course Martin’s merch, which they didn’t steal).

They just wanted to show up at the shows to undercut the merch there and sell theirs at a lower price.


a secret conspiracy, where the equipment was handed off as an inside job.

Though there were moments of solemnness when certain realizations came to mind, like Martin’s insightful comment “I hate it because they’re probably playing some stupid melody on it.”

After getting lost on the way to whirly ball followed by five intense matches and feast of Chin Chin’s great cuisine, I’m sitting here watching them play for 50 very dedicated fans over the Internet. Rachel, with her keyboard rental; Bess, who saved her ukulele by bringing it into the hotel room; Martin, with his borrowed guitar; and Craig, with his trash-can drum set and pizza box kick, they played one of the best performances I’d ever seen. Full of jokes, laughter, wit, and friendly prodding these individuals’ upbeat attitude about life’s ups and downs shows us what’s really important. To these musicians inspiration comes from the love of friends, music, and supportive fans. I don’t think they’d have it any other way.

The kind of event that stop most musicians from pursuing a career only helped these bodacious bards come closer to obtaining one.


To Find out more on how to help them go here: