Basement Bands: Brandon Brains, B.Done, DII

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while…

I work sound at a venue called The Music Room, a small room in the basement of a previously opened pizzeria. The venue frequently has free shows and is often a landing pad for bands new to the Atlanta music scene. Often overlooked, many of these bands are quite good.

A few such acts, of the hip hop variety, stopped by June 17th. Armed to the teeth with wit and charm these guys were a blast to hang out with. The first date of their, ironically named, Hollow Grammar Tour these guys arrived with a brand of hip hop that Atlanta desperately lacks. With quick wit and intelligent lyrics, they’re definitely worth a listen.



Brandon Brains

Everyone hurry and burn your money.

I’m a fairly youngish person, 25 next month. I’ve been young my whole life, which means I’ve had little money my whole life. I’ve learned to live without, which was easy because I’ve never been “with”. In fact, I live far below the poverty line, making only about $13,000 a year.

Only out of school about a year but I’ve been doing jobs that I love for more than 4 years. I haven’t had a job I hated since 2008. I feel the trade-off is fair – do what I love but not make a lot of money.

Is this a valid excuse not to make money? What am I missing out on? DVR and European vacations?

Not sure how great the grass is on the other side but if you’re rich and wanna see what my life is like burn it all away and do something you love.

That’s it.